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What are the best universities for engineering in China?

Zahed Hossain
on 12/13/18, 3:44 AM 92 views

As I am looking for some best universities with world ranking in China

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Zahed Hossain

--Zahed Hossain--
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Chittagong, Bangladesh
--Zahed Hossain--

Zahed Hossain
On 12/13/18, 3:48 AM

There are different universities in different provinces of China, most of the universities are run by China education ministry under the control of each provincial governing body.

Varieties of Engineering courses can be found, which are offered by best China univerisites, such as-

Civil Engineering, Electrical and Electronics Eng, Chemical Eng, Aeronautical and Aerospace Engineering among the most popular Engineering subjects beside Information and Technologies.

To name some best Universities as below-

Beijing Universities of technologies

Beihang University

Nanjing University

Nanjing university of aeronautics and astronautics

Fudan University

University of Science and Technology China

Zhejiang University

Wuhan University

Fujian University
Nanchang Hangkok university and so many
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